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UPDATE – for Tenants & Landlord

Dexter Flynn | 20/04/20

Further to our previous briefing note, guidance has now been issued for residential landlords and tenants during the Covid-19 outbreak. Whenever possible, landlords and tenants should agree “Temporary Voluntary Agreements” rather than pursuing litigation. Where the tenant has failed to pay rent as a result of Covid-19 and has provided “appropriate supporting evidence” to the landlord (such as a letter from their employer detailing a reduction in income), the landlord should usually agree to defer or waive rent for the duration of the pandemic and should allow the tenant to repay the arrears over a 12 month period. Whilst advisory, failure to comply with the guidance may lead the Court to sanction parties for non-compliance. Practice Directions containing further detail will be issued in due course.

For further information regarding the above please contact Voisin Law’s Dispute Resolution Team (Dexter Flynn, Frances Littler).

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