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An apple a day keeps the ? away

An apple a day keeps the ? away | 14/01/22

Conversations about estate planning are usually fairly unpopular around the dinner table however, it is really important to be discussing these things with your loved ones particularly in respect of your digital legacy now that we live more of our lives online.

According to the iCloud terms of service, a deceased person’s data dies with them even when provided with a Grant of Probate however, Apple has now created a way to pass on your Apple ID and associated assets.

The new Digital Legacy allows you to designate five people as Legacy Contacts. They are then able to access your data and personal information stored via the iCloud. This could include your precious photos, notes, emails and yet to be discovered world famous blog!

Activating Digital Legacy still requires proof of death and an access key so your information remains your own until you pass away.

If you have any queries about Jersey estate planning please do not hesitate to get in touch .

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