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Access to health care for children still available

Kate Anderson | 14/04/20

With most of us at Voisin and our clients and colleagues in a variety of industries now working from home.  Many of whom may be caring for children we wanted to share this information. 

We were reminded over the weekend by the government that any children who become sick still have the same access to health care as usual.   However, you will have to call your GP and perhaps a video diagnosis will take place unless urgent care is needed and this would be dealt with as usual.

Consultant Paediatrician Dr Tim Malpas said: “Many parents want to do the right thing and stay at home unless absolutely necessary, and that may be why the last two weeks have been noticeably quieter in terms of the number of children we have seen at hospital for standard childhood illnesses.

Children can still become seriously unwell with illnesses other than COVID-19, and parents’ concerns about the virus should not stop them from contacting medical services.

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