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Jersey International Finance Centre 

Jersey is one of the world’s leading International Finance Centres. Reliability, political and economic stability, and a sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure of laws have kept Jersey at the forefront of global finance for over 50 years.


Jersey has a unique constitutional position. Although its allegiance is to the British Crown, it is not a part of the UK and is not represented in the British Houses of Parliament. The island’s domestic autonomy has been preserved via charter and convention through 800 years of English history.


Jersey has its own democratically elected Parliament, which has consistently maintained responsibility for domestic affairs including fiscal matters. Jersey also operates its own judicial system, which is based on common law principles. Furthermore, Jersey is debt-free, with stable reserves and a policy of balanced budgets.

Tax neutrality

Jersey offers a tax-neutral environment, with no Capital Transfer Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Taxes or Wealth Taxes. This provides tax certainty and allows for fiscally efficient cross-border investment.


Jersey remains one of the best regulated international finance centres, a position that has been acknowledged by independent assessments from some of the world’s leading bodies including the OECD.

Jersey is fully aligned with the highest standards of the third anti-money laundering EU Directive and was the first offshore finance centres to become a full signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral Treaty, an international benchmark for cross border co-operation between regulators.

The Jersey authorities have signed 42 international tax agreements to date, which assist in building good quality business with those countries and are also a reflection of Jersey’s commitment to comply with international standards.


Jersey has a visible financial industry in its capital, St. Helier, and employs a quarter of the local workforce. In over five decades, Jersey has developed a breadth and depth to its range of products and services that competing jurisdictions find difficult to match.

Legal system

Jersey’s robust, modern and sophisticated legal framework is the source and foundation of Jersey’s finance industry. Developments and enhancements are continually being made to ensure flexibility and attractiveness to domestic and international markets.


Jersey offers a comprehensive and robust business and communication infrastructure.

The wealth of experience and expertise offered by Jersey’s highly skilled financial service providers, combined with a world-class infrastructure, gives an unparalleled welcome to businesses and investors alike.

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